Cutting my own hair



I had been going to the barber all my life. One day, I just got the motivation to cut my hair because of various reasons. (1) the long waiting process that can take 3 hrs sometimes (2 Getting your hair cut behind a person you don’t know with the same clippers even though they are sterilized. (3) Rising prices plus tips every two weeks. The pros of cutting your own hair is saving money, and you’re in the comfort of your own home. I paid about 60 something dollars for this set and in the three times I have cut my hair, that’s about 20 dollars a hair cut plus tips, so I have got my money back already in a span of two months.


Fried Chicken (Homemade Batter)



Want your fried chicken to look like this!!! Watch the video below!! (BTW I film,edit and cook everything you see!! For every video!)


Louisiana Fried Shrimp and homemade fries (stringy)

Screenshot_2017-07-03-05-10-06-1Screenshot_2017-07-03-05-09-57-1Screenshot_2017-07-03-05-10-00-1Watch my video below to see the cooking process! !

Peach Cobbler (Paula Dean Recipe)


I used the Paula Dean recipe and it turned out great! Watch my video below to see the process.

IMG_20170605_121340_683IMG_2105Lemon Pepper Pork Loin with colossal shrimp and cheesy brocoli spears.

View the video below to see the process!!


Hot Wings Recipe



Here below I have a link you can click on which is my youtube channel that’ll show you how to make these delicious, hot and spicy hot wings!!

Follow your Intuition!

You have to walk this earth light and remain cautious

The earth is not day and night as you think it might be

I don’t really think you understand or hearing me

Half the things you wake up to or see is fake

Some things may even seem like a dream, all you thinking now is “am i awake?”

Listen to your inner spirit about the certain vibe it creates

Its letting you know how to flow and the steps you gotta take

You don’t have to be a victim of the spiritual struggle

Leaning on something that’s untrue to yourself causes nothing but trouble

Discernment lets you learn quick and see things deeper than the surface

Sometimes God allows things to happen to find your purpose

Walking in circles or loops is something I’m not prepared to be 

So I developed my own senses to form a true unique prodigy

Overstepping boundaries that never were in place for me to succeed 

I wanted the element of success and be the sound definition of “achieve”

To stride and to become

Not to be held down by bombarding statistics

To set myself aside from the sleep sheep of the flock and be consistent

In learning who I am and what my purpose is

“Follow Your Mission!”

Bad Intentions

Lord, my God, my life has been corrupted

By individuals that i kept close to my heart and suffered with

Rumors, assumptions, lies and betrayal

All to break me down and to destroy my image as well

Defamation at its finest

I am good spirited and the kindest

For when I was younger I acted in irrational ways

I was just a young man trying to catch the wave

No intentions to inflict pain on a human being

But out of people’s mouths come lies; they weigh down lie a triple beam

Always a helping hand and gave my last when I had bread

Little did I know I was feeding scavengers and they wanted my head

Betrayal of trust, I washed my hands clear

The Holy Spirit guided me, separated me from my peers


Foundations of the earth

The clouds form high while the water produces surf

Waves clashing on the beach then gets calm before reaching the shore

Violent storms with lightning and the thunder forms a roar

Rain smells produces a sense of relaxation that leads to snores

Honey bees on a flower pedal

Stay on one flower? It never settles

The wind sends comfort to the face 

It also produces massive winds that can mess up a place

The sun rays sends you happiness, brightens up your life

Then here comes trouble! 100 plus degrees all week, can’t be life!

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