Poetic Melodies-Realize!

Poetic Melodies………….

Poetic Melodies blinded by erratic interruptions

Many individuals in today’s society persuaded by false assumptions

What is it today that everyone draws near?

I heard getting money was the motive, so, that’s evident and clear!

What about listening to your own beat and vibing to the rhythm your spirit creates?

Nothing but cold hearted hatred overran by fear so people can’t relate

Realness is being criticized so much that having your own sense of pride means you’re not in touch…

So its “fake it till you make it” and hope that you’re not singled out bcuz you’re in a bunch…

A bunch of lies, as real eyes, REALIZE!!!

Eyes on the prize, some come as your friends, easiest disguise….


The French Connection

“The people you meet serve a purpose in your life whether you like it or not”-Life

The elegance of her melanin skin, model figured shape and smile, so assuring like the sunlight

Across the way it felt like we had a connection close, it was right

With a bubbly personality, cute accent and curious mind that made her so cute

Her consistency like non-other made me see the truth

The intellectual conversations and smiles were all I needed to see

That a woman so far away was the epitome of me

In conversation, I was brought to another area of refreshing spirit

Our minds clashing together with ideas and metaphors it was so beautiful to hear it

This woman Marie, cool together if meant to be

She is the epitome of me….

In other words our desires to be great, in a world full of hate, that lacks understanding of love

The French Connection………serves its purpose like a batch of doves


-T.D.W. 3/1/2018 (8:25 P.M.)



The Smooth Road

Some ppl dont praise God until they’re on a smooth road.

You take a path to work and the main road has all types of potholes and the road is very rigged and raggedy. Everyday you go through it and there is no way around it. You know its a possibility  that one day it could be fixed and you imagine how relieving that could be. Now you have an option, you can have restraint, and learn how to maneuver and avoid the potholes or you can complain, be miserable and make your day already worst than it is (everyday). See, while you are going through this rigged and raggedy road, God is molding you, making you humble and teaching you how to deal with unwanted situations. The mature and understanding Christian understands this road is tough, but they know how to avoid the potholes (bs that comes your way). Other people get badly damaged on the road (flat tires,accidents etc from the rough road conditions).They also know its a part of life and being blessed just to go along this road teaches them toughness, wisdom and stronger faith. Before God gets you out this condition you’re in, construction is conducted. You have to take this detour, which may seem inconvenient but in this process you learn even more patience. The construction thats taking place covers up everything you have been through, while you wait you may grow impatient because of your familiarity with the way you went to work (being taken away from your element). Once the road is completed, the ride is no longer bumpy, your appreciation​ is magnified even higher now because of how God blessed you in the roughest conditions, as others around you may have not been so fortunate. Persistence and prayer keeps your eyes on the road, forgetting who God is in good or bad phases of life blinds your vision of the greatness or blessings to come to your life.

Casual Wear: Clothes that fit you


I often see and hear, many individuals partaking in spending countless amounts of money on name brand clothing to hopefully, in their mind,  ‘make’ them look good. That is not always the case. True, name brand clothing has better quality clothing and perhaps design but you’re either paying for the name or the type of silky, smooth, ivory fabric. You must buy clothing to accommodate your style, to your posture, how you stand, etc. For example, I have broad shoulders, so I cannot buy clothes that are my actual shirt size. I must buy shirts xxl or l. Let me explain, some manufactures Large are a medium for me whereas in some case, some XXL I must purchase because the Large won’t fit because it’s too small. The point is, buy perfect clothing to match your sculpture, of your body. You must know what you look good in. You can make a $30 dollar shirt, $15 dollar pants and a decent pair of shoes look like you have paid at least $150 or more on yourself. It’s all about having a sense of style that matches who who are as an individual. I categorize myself as “smooth” so I have to apply that to the clothes I wear. Any other type of clothing outside of that comfort zone doesn’t particularly look good on me. Don’t just throw on something because of its name, rather find something that fits you, your body sculpture, then if you must proceed with brand name clothing that fits you. It’ll make you look like a model when all you are doing is taking simple pieces of clothing and matching them appropriately to your style, to your body sculpture. A bad example would be me dressing in biker gear, because I’m not raunchy, and fit the part. All im saying is if you fit the part, you’ll do just fine. I hope this makes sense.

Fried Chicken (Homemade Batter)



Want your fried chicken to look like this!!! Watch the video below!! (BTW I film,edit and cook everything you see!! For every video!)


Louisiana Fried Shrimp and homemade fries (stringy)

Screenshot_2017-07-03-05-10-06-1Screenshot_2017-07-03-05-09-57-1Screenshot_2017-07-03-05-10-00-1Watch my video below to see the cooking process! !

Peach Cobbler (Paula Dean Recipe)


I used the Paula Dean recipe and it turned out great! Watch my video below to see the process.

IMG_20170605_121340_683IMG_2105Lemon Pepper Pork Loin with colossal shrimp and cheesy brocoli spears.

View the video below to see the process!!


Hot Wings Recipe



Here below I have a link you can click on which is my youtube channel that’ll show you how to make these delicious, hot and spicy hot wings!!

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