You have to walk this earth light and remain cautious

The earth is not day and night as you think it might be

I don’t really think you understand or hearing me

Half the things you wake up to or see is fake

Some things may even seem like a dream, all you thinking now is “am i awake?”

Listen to your inner spirit about the certain vibe it creates

Its letting you know how to flow and the steps you gotta take

You don’t have to be a victim of the spiritual struggle

Leaning on something that’s untrue to yourself causes nothing but trouble

Discernment lets you learn quick and see things deeper than the surface

Sometimes God allows things to happen to find your purpose

Walking in circles or loops is something I’m not prepared to be 

So I developed my own senses to form a true unique prodigy

Overstepping boundaries that never were in place for me to succeed 

I wanted the element of success and be the sound definition of “achieve”

To stride and to become

Not to be held down by bombarding statistics

To set myself aside from the sleep sheep of the flock and be consistent

In learning who I am and what my purpose is

“Follow Your Mission!”