Poetic Melodies-Realize!

Poetic Melodies………….

Poetic Melodies blinded by erratic interruptions

Many individuals in today’s society persuaded by false assumptions

What is it today that everyone draws near?

I heard getting money was the motive, so, that’s evident and clear!

What about listening to your own beat and vibing to the rhythm your spirit creates?

Nothing but cold hearted hatred overran by fear so people can’t relate

Realness is being criticized so much that having your own sense of pride means you’re not in touch…

So its “fake it till you make it” and hope that you’re not singled out bcuz you’re in a bunch…

A bunch of lies, as real eyes, REALIZE!!!

Eyes on the prize, some come as your friends, easiest disguise….


The French Connection

“The people you meet serve a purpose in your life whether you like it or not”-Life

The elegance of her melanin skin, model figured shape and smile, so assuring like the sunlight

Across the way it felt like we had a connection close, it was right

With a bubbly personality, cute accent and curious mind that made her so cute

Her consistency like non-other made me see the truth

The intellectual conversations and smiles were all I needed to see

That a woman so far away was the epitome of me

In conversation, I was brought to another area of refreshing spirit

Our minds clashing together with ideas and metaphors it was so beautiful to hear it

This woman Marie, cool together if meant to be

She is the epitome of me….

In other words our desires to be great, in a world full of hate, that lacks understanding of love

The French Connection………serves its purpose like a batch of doves


-T.D.W. 3/1/2018 (8:25 P.M.)



Follow your Intuition!

You have to walk this earth light and remain cautious

The earth is not day and night as you think it might be

I don’t really think you understand or hearing me

Half the things you wake up to or see is fake

Some things may even seem like a dream, all you thinking now is “am i awake?”

Listen to your inner spirit about the certain vibe it creates

Its letting you know how to flow and the steps you gotta take

You don’t have to be a victim of the spiritual struggle

Leaning on something that’s untrue to yourself causes nothing but trouble

Discernment lets you learn quick and see things deeper than the surface

Sometimes God allows things to happen to find your purpose

Walking in circles or loops is something I’m not prepared to be 

So I developed my own senses to form a true unique prodigy

Overstepping boundaries that never were in place for me to succeed 

I wanted the element of success and be the sound definition of “achieve”

To stride and to become

Not to be held down by bombarding statistics

To set myself aside from the sleep sheep of the flock and be consistent

In learning who I am and what my purpose is

“Follow Your Mission!”

Bad Intentions

Lord, my God, my life has been corrupted

By individuals that i kept close to my heart and suffered with

Rumors, assumptions, lies and betrayal

All to break me down and to destroy my image as well

Defamation at its finest

I am good spirited and the kindest

For when I was younger I acted in irrational ways

I was just a young man trying to catch the wave

No intentions to inflict pain on a human being

But out of people’s mouths come lies; they weigh down like a triple beam

Always a helping hand and gave my last when I had bread

Little did I know I was feeding scavengers and they wanted my head

Betrayal of trust, I washed my hands clear

The Holy Spirit guided me, separated me from my peers


Foundations of the earth

The clouds form high while the water produces surf

Waves clashing on the beach then gets calm before reaching the shore

Violent storms with lightning and the thunder forms a roar

Rain smells produces a sense of relaxation that leads to snores

Honey bees on a flower pedal

Stay on one flower? It never settles

The wind sends comfort to the face 

It also produces massive winds that can mess up a place

The sun rays sends you happiness, brightens up your life

Then here comes trouble! 100 plus degrees all week, can’t be life!

Greater Destiny

Worried times

the clock is ticking

the heartbeat steady

their plots is sickening

to see the world

upside down

but do not fall off

adjust your crown

to be tempted

in dire straits

forget your mission

that’s added weight

here comes depression

the sins feel great

lets do it again

for old times sake

beautiful whispers

can take control

you got to fight it

take back your soul

a better lesson

greater destiny

solid path

that’s what they hate to see..

-Tre’ D. Wilder/28

“The Cycle” (of Life)

Feels like I’m in a cycle

of continuation

of hate

of fear..

The cycle being “hey I’ve been through this before, the time is near”

or hate “Hes not like us he must be fake”

and the fear of being great like a lone wolf that beats the odds..

its like a germ phobic plateau

of hate geared towards the next man because of his possessions and qualities..

last time I checked we was both follow me?

How is it that you want me to drown because you feel you should be higher?

An equal opportunity of education was at grasp so that’s what I desired..

I got so in tune that I forgot what distractions were like..

I enjoyed freedom of the mind knowing knowledge like riding a bike..

That was my fight..finding self..

If I had not acquired the time to see my mission then I would always steer left..

Painful memories..wicked scenaries..painted by life..

But I took that paintbrush and made my platform all white..

Clear mind of motivation..I can start at a given point..

This canvas is clear just take the paintbrush and any direction..

Out of the cycle


sad and oppressed /it’s becoming my obsession/superficial thoughts on how the world is supposed to be is depressing/fight for what you believe wearing my heart on my sleeve/but why it had to come to Eric Gardner shirts saying “I can’t breathe”/We want our kids to achieve but the best education isn’t free/A divine intervention can maybe change all of that hopefully/Just an opportunity and unity can set you free/With all the voting that we’ve done, where is the democracy? /An educated mind will make you fall out of line and walk your own steps instead of being brought up blind/Every man for himself shared in diamonds and wealth/No communication and togetherness, instead it’s taking food off your shelf../Putting your hands up no longer is the white flag but it’s pep rallys for men in all white wearing masks/trained form of mind is what’s keeping youth behind/I’m talking drugs sex and money but education is steady on decline/stuck in the chained system comfortable with your living/not willing to get a diploma or a degree so you can be free,?yo you gots to be kidding! /bullshit decisions and bad attitudes and hate/We our own worse enemy  can’t expect to be great…

make a difference phrase on blackboard
make a difference motivational phrase handwritten with white chalk on blackboard


Brothas and sistas I’m tired of trying

Mothers and fathers are constantly crying

Strong and skilled but weak and divided

Years of marching for peace ✌ but black on black crime

Brothas and sistas I’m tired of trying

Twerking and fighting  not using our minds

Sagging our pants 👖 and constantly lying

You fight and want peace  its not coming in time

Brothas and sistas I’m tired of trying

Who do you think has given us a pass?

Who do know wanted “Freedom at last”? We all looking for hope, who’s to ask?

Brothas and sistas it’s time for a change

Don’t spoil the rod you can’t be afraid

We must keep morals in how we was raised

Faith to remain strong in the end of the days

Brothas and sistas for what its worth

Know your self value and know your worth

Fight with your mind and not with your hands

Hold your fist high and make a stand!

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