Casual Wear: Clothes that fit you


I often see and hear, many individuals partaking in spending countless amounts of money on name brand clothing to hopefully, in their mind,¬† ‘make’ them look good. That is not always the case. True, name brand clothing has better quality clothing and perhaps design but you’re either paying for the name or the type of silky, smooth, ivory fabric. You must buy clothing to accommodate your style, to your posture, how you stand, etc. For example, I have broad shoulders, so I cannot buy clothes that are my actual shirt size. I must buy shirts xxl or l. Let me explain, some manufactures Large are a medium for me whereas in some case, some XXL I must purchase because the Large won’t fit because it’s too small. The point is, buy perfect clothing to match your sculpture, of your body. You must know what you look good in. You can make a $30 dollar shirt, $15 dollar pants and a decent pair of shoes look like you have paid at least $150 or more on yourself. It’s all about having a sense of style that matches who who are as an individual. I categorize myself as “smooth” so I have to apply that to the clothes I wear. Any other type of clothing outside of that comfort zone doesn’t particularly look good on me. Don’t just throw on something because of its name, rather find something that fits you, your body sculpture, then if you must proceed with brand name clothing that fits you. It’ll make you look like a model when all you are doing is taking simple pieces of clothing and matching them appropriately to your style, to your body sculpture. A bad example would be me dressing in biker gear, because I’m not raunchy, and fit the part. All im saying is if you fit the part, you’ll do just fine. I hope this makes sense.


It’s been a while!

I apologize for the longevity and absence of my presence of words, thoughts, and inspirational poetry that my audience was set to receive. I have been transitioning to another level of success. The last time I posted about anything concerning education was the year that I graduated with my A.S. Degree in Business Administration and the  fact that I achieved being a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Since that duration, I have completed a four (4) year degree in the time span of two(2) years and eventually working my way up to graduate school to pursue my MBA. I also have developed a unique gift and productivity of cooking, which has had me quite busy but I imagine from this post you will see at least 20-50 pictures of the food I have got high praises from, an audience especially on Instagram.

With that being said, lets indulge in updates and get things back to speed how they should be!



May 2014 I received my A.S. Degree in Business.

Along with that I earned and achieved the title of MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional-Security Fundamentals) Only 77 of 200 people passed this exam and I scored a 79.

My work doesn’t end here though. Lord Willing Bachelor’s and Masters.

Are You Living in Truth……or a Lie?


The truth lets you live your life..

A lie keeps you running in circles..

The Truth uplifts you..

A lie holds you down..

The Truth is who you are on a daily basis..

A lie is a figment of your imagination, impersonation..

The Truth will set you free..

A lie will hold you captive..

The Truth is what you get..

A lie is what you hear..

The Truth lets the beauty shine..

A lie adds temporary attributes..

Truth heals pain..

A lie ruins your life..

Truth is what you see everyday..

A lie is…the makeup..over Truth..

Truth stands alone..

A lie has many relationships…


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