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Fried Chicken (Homemade Batter)



Want your fried chicken to look like this!!! Watch the video below!! (BTW I film,edit and cook everything you see!! For every video!)



Louisiana Fried Shrimp and homemade fries (stringy)

Screenshot_2017-07-03-05-10-06-1Screenshot_2017-07-03-05-09-57-1Screenshot_2017-07-03-05-10-00-1Watch my video below to see the cooking process! !

Peach Cobbler (Paula Dean Recipe)


I used the Paula Dean recipe and it turned out great! Watch my video below to see the process.

IMG_20170605_121340_683IMG_2105Lemon Pepper Pork Loin with colossal shrimp and cheesy brocoli spears.

View the video below to see the process!!


Hot Wings Recipe



Here below I have a link you can click on which is my youtube channel that’ll show you how to make these delicious, hot and spicy hot wings!!

BBQ Leg Quarters w/home made mashed potatoes and bean casserole.


This dish here serves it’s purpose! I know what you are probably thinking. Is he a chef? No, not in the slightest way, but let’s just say I have come a long way in understanding that food needs to be pampered, not rushed!

Starting with the BBQ leg quarters, I needed something a little exotic to add to the whole BBQ theme. I added lemon because it has a tartness to it, but blends perfectly with the BBQ flavored sauce I was using at the time. As for the mashed potatoes, those are home made. I boiled about three (3) potatoes, and put them into a medium sized cooking pot. I proceeded by adding about 1/4 of milk (you can substitute sour scream) to 2/3. Followed by garlic salt and some shredded cheese with some parsley. You can use a potato masher if you wish. The bean casserole, that’s just green beans with some frenchie onions added over the top. You can add cheese on that if you wish.

Bacon cheddar cheese fries and Fried shrimp


Here, we have bacon cheddar cheese fries and fried shrimp. The fries are self explanatory. All that is needed is some shredded cheese and bacon bits. As for the shrimp, well that is homemade batter there! Items that are needed for that is about 3 eggs per pound of shrimp (every pound of shrimp add additional egg-example, 2 pounds of shrimp 4 eggs). Then you will take the seasoning you want and add just a little to the “beat eggs”. Of course, you want to season the shrimp also. Once you have completed those steps, dip the seasoned shrimp into the batter then proceed to flour the shrimp. Make sure your grease is on medium heat (stovetop).

Seafood Platter (Snow Crabs, eggs, shrimp, corn, potatoes)

What we have here is a seafood platter. For those of us who live anywhere near a coastal city, I assume that you all know what this is. It is snow crabs boiled in crab seasoning with green peppers added for additional balanced taste. You only boil snow crabs for 10-15 minutes otherwise it will leave the meat scorched or overcooked. The next step would be to melt some real butter (land-o lakes butter- I think that’s the name lol) or margarine butter (one whole stick). Once that is done, add any additional seasonings you might want in the butter, then pour it on the snow crabs pictured above. Once that is done, take the old bay seasoning and season to your desire. Put a little parsley on it and you have a seafood platter!

Strawberry Wings and Pancakes


I bet you’re wondering what made me come up with the idea of strawberry wings huh? Well, isn’t it common enough already that we eat something savory and sweet such as honey BBQ wings? So, in addition, what could be so risky about trying strawberry wings? Take this into consideration; nothing artificial about the strawberry wings. It’s natural preserves with a little bit of honey to add to its flavor. Other than that, I think it will serve it’s purpose in due time.

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