Foundations of the earth

The clouds form high while the water produces surf

Waves clashing on the beach then gets calm before reaching the shore

Violent storms with lightning and the thunder forms a roar

Rain smells produces a sense of relaxation that leads to snores

Honey bees on a flower pedal

Stay on one flower? It never settles

The wind sends comfort to the face 

It also produces massive winds that can mess up a place

The sun rays sends you happiness, brightens up your life

Then here comes trouble! 100 plus degrees all week, can’t be life!


BBQ Leg Quarters w/home made mashed potatoes and bean casserole.


This dish here serves it’s purpose! I know what you are probably thinking. Is he a chef? No, not in the slightest way, but let’s just say I have come a long way in understanding that food needs to be pampered, not rushed!

Starting with the BBQ leg quarters, I needed something a little exotic to add to the whole BBQ theme. I added lemon because it has a tartness to it, but blends perfectly with the BBQ flavored sauce I was using at the time. As for the mashed potatoes, those are home made. I boiled about three (3) potatoes, and put them into a medium sized cooking pot. I proceeded by adding about 1/4 of milk (you can substitute sour scream) to 2/3. Followed by garlic salt and some shredded cheese with some parsley. You can use a potato masher if you wish. The bean casserole, that’s just green beans with some frenchie onions added over the top. You can add cheese on that if you wish.

Bacon cheddar cheese fries and Fried shrimp


Here, we have bacon cheddar cheese fries and fried shrimp. The fries are self explanatory. All that is needed is some shredded cheese and bacon bits. As for the shrimp, well that is homemade batter there! Items that are needed for that is about 3 eggs per pound of shrimp (every pound of shrimp add additional egg-example, 2 pounds of shrimp 4 eggs). Then you will take the seasoning you want and add just a little to the “beat eggs”. Of course, you want to season the shrimp also. Once you have completed those steps, dip the seasoned shrimp into the batter then proceed to flour the shrimp. Make sure your grease is on medium heat (stovetop).

Seafood Platter (Snow Crabs, eggs, shrimp, corn, potatoes)

What we have here is a seafood platter. For those of us who live anywhere near a coastal city, I assume that you all know what this is. It is snow crabs boiled in crab seasoning with green peppers added for additional balanced taste. You only boil snow crabs for 10-15 minutes otherwise it will leave the meat scorched or overcooked. The next step would be to melt some real butter (land-o lakes butter- I think that’s the name lol) or margarine butter (one whole stick). Once that is done, add any additional seasonings you might want in the butter, then pour it on the snow crabs pictured above. Once that is done, take the old bay seasoning and season to your desire. Put a little parsley on it and you have a seafood platter!

Strawberry Wings and Pancakes


I bet you’re wondering what made me come up with the idea of strawberry wings huh? Well, isn’t it common enough already that we eat something savory and sweet such as honey BBQ wings? So, in addition, what could be so risky about trying strawberry wings? Take this into consideration; nothing artificial about the strawberry wings. It’s natural preserves with a little bit of honey to add to its flavor. Other than that, I think it will serve it’s purpose in due time.

It’s been a while!

I apologize for the longevity and absence of my presence of words, thoughts, and inspirational poetry that my audience was set to receive. I have been transitioning to another level of success. The last time I posted about anything concerning education was the year that I graduated with my A.S. Degree in Business Administration and the  fact that I achieved being a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Since that duration, I have completed a four (4) year degree in the time span of two(2) years and eventually working my way up to graduate school to pursue my MBA. I also have developed a unique gift and productivity of cooking, which has had me quite busy but I imagine from this post you will see at least 20-50 pictures of the food I have got high praises from, an audience especially on Instagram.

With that being said, lets indulge in updates and get things back to speed how they should be!

Greater Destiny

Worried times

the clock is ticking

the heartbeat steady

their plots is sickening

to see the world

upside down

but do not fall off

adjust your crown

to be tempted

in dire straits

forget your mission

that’s added weight

here comes depression

the sins feel great

lets do it again

for old times sake

beautiful whispers

can take control

you got to fight it

take back your soul

a better lesson

greater destiny

solid path

that’s what they hate to see..

-Tre’ D. Wilder/28

“The Cycle” (of Life)

Feels like I’m in a cycle

of continuation

of hate

of fear..

The cycle being “hey I’ve been through this before, the time is near”

or hate “Hes not like us he must be fake”

and the fear of being great like a lone wolf that beats the odds..

its like a germ phobic plateau

of hate geared towards the next man because of his possessions and qualities..

last time I checked we was both follow me?

How is it that you want me to drown because you feel you should be higher?

An equal opportunity of education was at grasp so that’s what I desired..

I got so in tune that I forgot what distractions were like..

I enjoyed freedom of the mind knowing knowledge like riding a bike..

That was my fight..finding self..

If I had not acquired the time to see my mission then I would always steer left..

Painful memories..wicked scenaries..painted by life..

But I took that paintbrush and made my platform all white..

Clear mind of motivation..I can start at a given point..

This canvas is clear just take the paintbrush and any direction..

Out of the cycle

The Lord Knows (Seeds)



The Lord KNOWS everything. Like the seeds that were known before man kind knew what they were God knew what they were. He knows what they will grow into, he knows that here are many seeds that look alike but serve different purposes. He knows the conditions in which a seed must need in order to grow. He knows the different fields, the type of soil needed, the amount of sunlight, the amount of rain. He knows the seeds lifespan and the purpose it will serve. The seed is planted, then it grows in its place. It doesn’t know why its there, its purpose, but God does. We are seeds, He knows our purpose before we do. He knows what we are capable of growing into if we just try and let Him guide our footsteps. We all look alike in the womb, because we’re a seed that’s starting to grow, but eventually we will get genders and serve a purpose. God knows that two seeds were identical in size and shape, until they grew (the oak tree and the pine tree) they serve different purposes. He knows the strength of which these seeds can bear. He designs your outcome based on the type of purpose you shall have. The bark of the tree is strong yet gentle in producing leaves. Meanwhile another seed grew into a soft stock of corn. So God knows what you can withstand, he knows your strength , whether you are that bark of strong wood 50ft tall and strong limbs withstanding seasons and bad weather or that corn crop that reproduces and feeds people. What I’m saying is like God has these seeds on earth to serve a purpose, we are seeds ourselves, he knows our purpose. No bad seed can bear a good seed. A rotten seed in dry soil and conditions can not produce anything but another rotten bad seed. Ask God to order your footsteps, but unlike plants, we all have a choice, to be the GOOD seed or the BAD seed. Be that tree, that still stands in the midst of Bad weather. If others fall around you, that means GOD placed you in an area where you are protected by his GRACE.


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